Yeti is ML style functional programming language, that runs on the JVM.
message = "Hello world";
println message;

Yeti was created to have a clean and minimal expressive language on the JVM that allows functional style programming, has static type inference and interfaces well with Java code.

Some features


Using Yeti feels like scripting language due row types, and the error messages are usually easy to read (which wasn't trivial to achieve in the compiler). Compiling to JVM bytecode made implementation much easier (JVM has very good JIT), but unfortunately has tied it to the JVM. The JVM is a big and often unwanted dependency, doesn't start very fast, and is today mostly used in environments, where Java is mandated. This leaves little room to non-Java JVM languages outside Android. Therefore the current implementation is for me an experiment that has successfully reached some goals, but a dead end otherwise. As it is occasionally useful tool, a maintanance (mostly bugfixes) will continue, but active development is not planned. It is also open source and anyone is free to fork it.

Given this, OCaml and Nim are better options, if you are seeking a productive and easy to use modern language outwith JVM. Those planning to create a new programming language might find some ideas from Yeti (read reference manual for type system details). It is also useful for having REPL and testing things on Java platform.

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